Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Global Leadership- A 100th Entry Milestone

This blog is the 100th entry since I started this effort eleven months ago.  I realize the blog is arranged chronologically.  To assist those who may have newly joined the readership or who would welcome a table of contents by subject, I've decided to highlight some of the series I've done over the last year.  To find any particular entry, go to the bottom of the right side of the blog and you will see the "blog archive".  All of the blogs highlighted below are 2012.  If you click on "2012" the months will then be shown and you can find a particular entry on a specific date.  Enjoy.

Global Standardization and Its Challenges
"The Case for Global Standardization" 13 March
"Why is Standardization So Hard?"     14 March
"Why People Don't Like Standardization"-15 March
"Standardization:  What's A Leader To do?"- 16 March
"The Trap of Customization"                 -20 March
"Standardization as a Source of Innovation" 21 March

Diversity and Inclusion
"Understand and be able to articulate the business case for Diversity"- 23 March
" Deepen your Cultural Awareness" - 26/27 March
" Build a diverse team"-  28 March, 10/11 April
" Manage divergent conversations"-  12 April
" Converge the divergent conversation" 16 April

Mastering Technology
"Overview"- 19 April
"Mastering Technology I-The 24/7 challenge"-23 April
"Mastering Technology II- Email Management"-24 April
"Mastering Technology III-The Large Scale Audience"- 26 April

Errors, Misjudgments and Dishonesty 
"Impact on those left behind"- 6 July
"Picking up the pieces" -  10 July, 30 July
"Distinguishing among blameless error, blameful error, and dishonesty"- 17 July
"Human Frailty" - 19 July
"Creating a High Reliability Environment"- 23,24,26,27 July
"Dishonesty: Lessons from Locksmiths"- 7 August
"Black Swans-High Impact, Low Probability Events" - 27 August

Global Leadership and the Large Scale Enterprise- An ExxonMobil Example
"Operational Excellence and Project Execution"- 17 Sept
"Sustaining Growth"                                           - 18 Sept
" Growth and Strategic Choices"                        - 19/20 Sept
"Anticipation and the Time Horizon"                 - 25 Sept
"Safety"                                                                -26 Sept
"Security"                                                             -16 October


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