Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Abraham Lincoln and Decision Making

The focus of this blog is leadership in a global context.  As such I try to use examples from my own experiences leading global teams, examples from multiple cultures or suggest leadership lessons that I believe to be universal. Although today's focus is a US example, I believe it falls into the category of a universal leadership lesson.

Today in the United States we celebrate the birthday of 19th Century US President, Abraham Lincoln.  Lincoln is widely regarded by historians as one of the most effectivet two or three of the forty-four men who have been elected to that office.

Professor Michael Roberto's leadership blog for today eloquently identifies some important leadership behaviors around decision making and the move to implementation from one of Lincoln's key decisions.  Michael highlights the importance of the sense of "fairness" that is important in decision making and then what great leaders do AFTER a decision is made.  I highly recommend the full text of Michael's blog provided at the link.  

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