Friday, January 4, 2013

Driving Fear out of the Workplace- A check list to measure success

Let's assume that you as a leader want to drive fear out of the workplace and you've taken some of the actions in yesterday's tipsheet.  How do you know you've been successful?  What do you see in the organization?  Here's a partial list... a checklist so to speak.

  • Employees admit mistakes.  They either tell you what went wrong and actions they will take to prevent recurrence or they seek help in how to improve.
  • You don't hear excuses when errors are made.
  • Staff challenge you and express concerns about organizational direction, priorities and resource allocation.
  • Employees constructively confront conflict; people disagree without being disagreeable
  • Information sharing is taking place across organizational boundaries
  • You hear employees compliment good work in other work units more often than you hear blaming  of other work units.
  • When one part of the organization is having difficulty others seek ways to help out.
  • You hear people talking about how well the enterprise is doing  at least as often as how well their work unit is doing.
  • There is an "optimistic bias" in the organization.  People speak positively about their work, their organization and the future.
I did not intend for this list to be exhaustive but did want to suggest some things to look and listen for to determine if your approach to driving fear out of the workplace is working. 

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